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About the CD Education

Extracurricular experiences are important as children learn to be successful adults. C.D. believes that children need exposure to a wide range of stimuli, and so the focus on areas beyond traditional academics is integral to our curriculu.

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Our Facilities

Our Featured Courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquelycreated for each semester.

School Infrastructure

At C.D. Foundation, care would be taken to provide a truly enriching environment that contributes to the holistic development.

Medical Facilitiest

C.D. will have full time nursing personnel on campus and a visiting doctor to provide medical assistance to students and staff.


At C.D. Foundation, our fleet of school buses will be at the disposal of the students and pupils for every transportation need they may have, ranging from daily

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Play as you learn (Phulwari)

At CD Foundation of Education school we actively support and encourage children’s natural curiosity. Our play-based curriculum is child initiated and emerges naturally from the interests of our students. It is created around the belief that a strong social, emotional and physical foundation will set the stage for a child’s future cognitive and academic success. The classrooms are planned to encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving in an atmosphere of warmth, affection and respect for each child. "Play is learning for young children and is a significant element of our early childhood education program. Purposeful play is developmental. Read More


Students should arrive at the school before the bell is rung i.e. at least five minutes before the Assembly bell, for prayer. All have to attend the Assembly. This includes both students, staff teaching and non-teaching. No Shouting, no whistling or running in the corridors of the school building is allowed.

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Regular games are compulsory during class days for all the children under the supervision of the school staff for physical education is very important for all the well balanced growth of the youngsters, and so all possible attention is paid to it during School hours.

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The School Uniform is compulsory for all the students of the institution. Students who do not come in the school uniform will be sent back home and the risk of the parents/guardians and are also likely to be fined for defaulting this rule.The purpose of having uniform for the children of the School is manifold.

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